October 15, 2015

CxOs and Cocktails Reception

The Victorian

On October 15 we hosted our Cocktails and CxOs reception at the Victorian on Main Street. The #LongLA crowd included Mitu, CrowdStrike, Fuisz, Sony and that weeks winner of the Wavemaker series – FEM-Inc.

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September 17, 2015

1st Annual Labor v. Capital Bowling Tournament


On September 17, ThursdayNights hosted the epic, first-ever Labor v. Capital bowling tournament in Los Angeles.  Venture Capitalists from Pritzker, BCG Digital Ventures, Rincon, and Arena Ventures got to face off against the leading tech companies in town, ranging from the newest crop at the Dodgers Accelerator Program, Saucey, theAudience, Human, and ScoreBig to name a few.

It was a team of ThursdayNights Board Members and Entrepreneurs who took home the prize including Mike Mirel, Stefanie Narayan, Adam Gleicher and Neil Rothstein.  Cresa’s Sean Westgate was our city-wide high bowler!

The event was a tremendous success and also raised awareness for the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica.

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July 23, 2015

Decision Makers Dinner, Gjelina, July 23


ThursdayNights and crew closed the front half of its calendar with a spectacular dinner at Gjelina.  Dining in the upstairs private room, we saw a diverse crowd of folks – Club W’s Geoff McFarlane, Zuma Venture’s David Carter, Karl House with FanBread and Dave Barton joined from his shop nearby David Kind.

It was another terrific evening, benefitting the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club.



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Aestus 2015
June 25, 2015

Decision Makers Dinner, Aestus, June 25

On June 25 we were wined and dined by the Kevin O’Connor, the owner of Santa Monica’s newest gem Aestus.  We saw great representation from the finance community in the form of CFOs from Hulu and ReachLocal.  Our mix of companies well-represented the LA landscape, from Disney execs to cyber security firm CrowdStrike to equity funding platform FlashFunders.  The beneficiary for the evening was City Year LA, for whom we raised over $1,300.

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April 23, 2015

Decision Makers Dinner, Chinois, April 23

April 23 drew together a crowd of LA’s most exciting entrepreneurs from Michael Fisher at Elephant Drive to Bryan Wolff at Dog Vacay to  Sofya Polyakov at the Noun Project to Katelyn O’Shaughnessy at TripScope.    Dinner at Chinois raised over $1,600 for CityYear LA.



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March 9, 2015

VIP Opening Night: Oasis the Montgomery Summit

ThursdayNights and DreamHost partnered up to host the VIP Opening Night of Oasis: The Montgomery Summit.  We kicked off this two day summit where the best private companies in tech and private investors convene in an open forum to exchange information.

At Hotel Shangri-La we saw many of Tech’s best and brightest from Snapchat, Whisper, Bottlenose, SGN and Laurel & Wolf all out on the patio.  Local and Bay area investors also joined us for a night of great drinks and good eats.

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